Dear Student...

A letter to myself as a student of yoga, and to all of you I am lucky enough to stand in-front of as a teacher.

Dear student,

I love you. I see the beauty in you. I see the pure consciousness behind your colourful eyes. The light that shines there illuminates your w

hole face, and reflects light back onto mine. But don't feel that you need me here for that light to be. It is. All the time. Whether someone is there to perceive it or not. Beautiful one, learning to perceive your own greatness, your own beauty, will be the most precious gift you bestow on yourself, and on all those who will bask in the bliss that will swallow 'you' whole.

Dear student,

Why do you struggle so? Why do you punish your body that has been such a gracious host for all these years? All it asks is that you nourish it with the fuel and regular attention it needs to continue to serve you well. When your physical body is taken care of turn to your thoughts. You are so kind to others, you caress their bodies softly, cook for them, cuddle them and tell them they look pretty in that new dress they bought. Does your own body not deserve the same care? Take care dear one, nourish yourself and speak only kind words to yourself so you can continue to afford others the same kindness.

Dear student,

Listen. What do you hear? Take time to stop and perceive the world around you. When you have truly learnt to see and hear the spirals in the whirling world about your feet, turn inwards. Afford the same depth of attention to listen to your inner world. The hills and valleys inside your heart, mind and soul are there to explore, an adventure awaits you there. Don't miss what's right under your nose.

Dear student,

Don't give over your power to another. Even if you call him Guruji. You already know and have everything you need for peace and contentedness, all you need are the tools to unlock the door behind which those inner truths can be found. Dear one, don't let another take your inner peace from you, no matter who they are to you.

Dear student,

You are well. You are who you were always meant to be. There is nothing you need to achieve or change. No posture or shape that will bring you peace, and no other being on this planet that can bring you happiness you haven't found for yourself. Stand strong in your power. Breathe. That full deep, powerful breath. As strong as life itself, as deep as the deepest part of the ocean, yet as soft as the surf that tease the shore with their tender embrace.

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