You can't give from an empty cup - so fill yours right up to the top!

As someone who finds it hard to say no to friends, family, colleagues and clients, a peak at my diary on Sunday night has the potential to fill me with dread for the week. Hugs blocks of red from 6am until 10pm most weekdays (and recently at the weekends too) are the norm. Things have got so bad recently that my husband and I have been little more than strangers sharing a pillow.

But enough's enough. It's time to refocus, reprioritise and scale back so I have some time left for me.

Before I gave up my busy PR job in London it was common for me to work 60-70 hour weeks, starting early and finishing late. I quit my full time job back in November and vowed I would pursue a better work-life balance so i could spend more time practicing and teaching yoga. Whilst teaching yoga is a complete joy and I feel privileged to do so every day, my working hours have crept up again as I take on more regular commitments and say yes to private clients too. I have come to realise that it wasn't necessarily the nature of the job that meant I was working long hours in London but my inability to set boundaries and to save something for myself.

I know many of us face the same challenge. We are taught that we should be generous with our time and help those around us whenever we can. Of course we should. But never at the detriment to our own health and well being. If we deplete ourselves until there's nothing left we will struggle to give anything at all or what we do give won't be as full as it could have been

I have over time developed coping mechanism that allows me to step back and see when things have become unsustainable. So here I am clearing out my schedule looking for ways to bring more to less. To achieve more with fewer commitments, to nurture others by nurturing myself first and to bring balance back into my life.

#yoga #teaching #balance #lifestyle

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