Class descriptions

Mindful Flow

Take time over your practice with this rhythmic flowing yoga class. Focus will be placed on moving with bodily integrity and proper alignment. Suitable for all students with healthy bodies and some yoga experience.

Dynamic Vinyasa Flow

A stronger, upbeat, flowing yoga class to get your body moving and your heart beating. Good for strength, conditioning and flexibility, this is a light hearted class where you are encouraged to try new things. It's recommended that you have at least 6-months consistent vinyasa yoga practice. Not suitable for beginners.


A class suitable for all levels of yoga student, from beginners through to advanced practitioners. In this class we will focus on achieving proper alignment, breaking postures down in more detail than is possible in more movement based classes. This is the class I wish I took when I first started yoga! A great class to get to know your body better, tidy up your practice, and for those recovering from injury.

Rise and shine Mindful Flow

For the early birds - a class to wake up the body and mind for the day ahead. This class takes place at my home studio in West Bar Street. The exact address will be provided in your booking confirmation. Suitable for all students with healthy bodies and some yoga experience.

Lunchtime Express 

Come stretch achy shoulders and backs over your lunch-break. A 45 minute class specifically designed to reduce shoulder and upper back tension, and restore balance in the mind and body. A perfect lunchtime antidote to a stressful day at work. Suitable for all students.


The yoga we should all be doing. This class takes place at floor level using props to support the body to create a sense of deep rest and relaxation. Suitable for all levels and bodies, this class is perfect for those of us who want (need!) to slow down and relax. 


Pregnancy yoga offers dedicated time to calm the mind, reconnect with your body and acknowledge and accept the changes that are taking place. You will learn breathing techniques and positions that could help you during labour and move through sequences of postures designed to prepare the body for birth.

The best bit is that you will meet other local ladies to share this amazing experience with.

Yoga for beginners

A class to build strong foundations for a healthy yoga practice. Classes are limited to only ten people and everyone is a beginner like you!

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